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specialist construction team crafting a wildlife hide with Scottish larch in the North Woods workshop


We produce a wide range of bespoke specialist timber structures & fabrications in our custom-built workshop, from architectural furniture to post and beam structures, and from lorry transportable cabins to custom kitchens.

We also offer our services as standalone contractors for jobs that suit our background and experience.

a steel and timber engineered foundation for a luxury eco home near Gairloch

Experienced & Specialist

Our building team has decades of hands-on experience in modern timber construction methods - structural Timber Frame; Post and Beam; Cross-Laminated Timber & Structural Insulated Panels.

We are comfortable working with novel and innovative building methods and materials. Many of the projects we work on include some or all of the following - ecological & high specification building materials; native timber; various ecological insulation types; architectural glazing systems; breathing walls, and renewables. Most of our projects are located within a marine coastal environment, often in places with extreme weather conditions, so we are familiar with the special demands these environments have.

cross-laminated timber luxury eco home under construction near Lochinver
 transporting off-grid luxury timber cabin pod by helicopter

Adaptable, versatile & up for a challenge

On most of our projects, we are the primary and sometimes sole contractor. We have a broad, adaptable and transferable skill-set, which combined with a positive and open attitude means we can take on many aspects of a project. From establishing foundations on tricky sites to erecting novel timber structures; crafting bespoke internal joinery and making architectural furniture; natural landscaping & native tree planting to mopping the floors and cleaning the windows on completion. We are often involved in a project from its conception to its final completion and beyond.

 the North Woods specialist team bespoke milling Scottish grown timber
the North Woods specialist team crafting off-grid bothies in the Scottish highlands

Tight Teamwork &

Strong Problem Solving

In our experience construction is all about problem-solving. It is about finding the best possible solution, to one problem after another, to achieve the best possible result. Our small, tight-knit construction team takes pride in a lateral thinking problem-solving approach. We are a group of family and friends who know how to work & communicate with each other very effectively to minimize mistakes & inefficiency. We enjoy jobs that offer new challenges and present opportunities to develop our skills.

the North Woods specialist construction team lifting cross-laminated timber panels for an off-grid luxury cabin pod near Achiltibuie
transporting off-grid luxury timber cabin pod by helicopter

Challenging & Unusual sites

Remote or off-grid sites. Steep ground & awkward sites. Islands & marine environments. Sensitive locations & low impact builds. Access issues & helicopter assisted projects.

We specialise in finding design and logistical solutions for unusual projects and those with specialist requirements.

 the North Woods specialist construction team access site by small boat to access a challenging site
conscientious craftsman inspects bird hide built with Scottish larch timber

Conscientious, Collaborative & Friendly

We work with our clients, quite often literally, to help them realise their projects. From conception to completion, the projects we work on often involve a lot of discussion and communication with the client.

A large majority of our clients have chosen to work with us again on subsequent projects. Many of them have also gone on to become good friends.

We take pride in not adhering to many of the stereotypes that exist in the construction industry. We are well-spoken, clean living and conscientious folk who care about people, the planet and the work we do as much as the living we earn.

the North Woods Planterose-Young family business
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