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Architectural CAD drawing of an ecological building

Planning & Warrant Services

North Woods are experienced at securing the statutory consents required to make projects happen. We can provide full Planning & Warrant services and have a proven track record of finding workable solutions for sensitive and challenging sites.

We have a specialist background in highly contemporary buildings & small dwellings such as huts, cabins and other buildings that fall under BS3632 for Residential Mobile Homes.

We also offer specialist in-house consultancy services that can help support the acquisition of statutory consents. We have a deep understanding of the environmental issues associated with building, and we have a genuine desire to undertake projects in an ecologically responsible way. Our unusually wide range of experience brings together biodiversity design with landscaping, natural resource planning, woodland management and ecologically conscious building.

Tailored Service

We can offer a complete and customised package depending on your project's requirements. We are experienced working with private clients, businesses and community organisations, and can provide support services from the earliest stages of your project through to completion. We can also fulfil the statutory role of Principal Designer for projects where we are appointed to undertake planning or warrant services.

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