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 a CAD drawing of an architectural custom-designed eco-home in sustainable materials near Ullapool, Scotland

Collaborative Bespoke

Design & Build

We offer a comprehensive personal design and build service to help our clients create unique, sustainable, highly individualised buildings. Each building is formed collaboratively with the client to meet their requirements and to suit their specific location.

 an engineered steel substructure for an architectural custom-designed eco-home in sustainable materials near Gairloch, Scotland


Our buildings are custom designed from the ground up and we look to our client to determine their prefered level of input during the whole design & build process. Sometimes that input is just a simple design brief, but more often our clients have a close and sustained involvement throughout much of the project.

We are happy supporting our clients on projects where they would like to undertake elements of the construction themselves. For example, this can mean just taking a building to Wind & Watertight for the client to complete, or working alongside clients who want to learn, or already have, practical skills to contribute to the project.

The specification and materials of each building are also highly customisable; from external cladding to internal floors & linings, and from insulation to renewable technologies. We can design and build in a range of timber construction technologies, including mass timber, structural insulated panels, post & beam, timber frame & hybrid systems.

We can assist with every stage of the project; from helping you locate and assess potential sites, to helping you move in on completion.

handcrafted native timber interior of bespoke luxury eco-house near Ullapool Scottish Highlands


We are a true small family business and we offer a personal approach from start to finish. This means the same small team are responsible for all elements of each project from design to completion. We are all personally invested and engaged in every job and the quality of the results we achieve are a vital part of why we do what we do. A large majority of our clients have chosen to work with us on subsequent projects and many of them become good friends.

insulated garage studio built using native larch timber and ecological insulation near Lochinver, Highlands


Sustainability is a central principle in all our projects. Everyone in the North Woods team has a fundamental understanding of sustainability and ecology through either training, upbringing, or inclination. We all aspire to run a business and live lives that are congruent with the awareness that this background gives us.

We try to make buildings that are better for our clients, us and the living world. Our buildings are designed to reduce their negative environmental impacts during construction and to minimise their ongoing energy requirements throughout their lifespan. We choose materials that are healthier for us to work with, you to live in and the planet to produce.

native trees in the rewilded garden of a bespoke eco-home on Lochbroom, Ross-Shire
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